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Laugh out Loud! Tickets on Sale Now!!

Sex, Politics & Religion! What more could you want!

2016 Season - What a Line Up!

Something for Everyone!

Theatre meets Architecture

Come and feel the ambience of this beautiful building and the cultural excellence of ILT.

ILT One Act Play Festival

The longest running drama festival in the Southern Hemisphere!

We Need Your Help - Raising the roof at Ipswich Little Theatre

incinerator_thenVisitors to our theatre will know that Ipswich Little Theatre is a multi-cultural community theatre of voluntary workers. We have groups for primary school children from ages 6 to 13, a youth group, a group for people with disabilities (the only such volunteer group in Queensland) and a group who perform for the ‘early childhood’ market, thus introducing the children of Ipswich to live theatre. We run the longest existing Drama Festival in Queensland, and offer the complex for a Theatre Lunch experience, thereby helping our tourism industry. Our main house Theatre offers half its performances, at a 50% discount, to charitable organisations for fundraising. Over the years we have put in the order of $1,000,000 back into the community through this scheme.

Now – for the first time – we are appealing to the community to help us. 

For the comfort of our patrons, we are about to construct a ‘glass’ ceiling to fly over our courtyard area which will greatly enhance this beautiful building. This will cost $250,000. Our own members are lending us money to allow us to proceed. We want to repay this extraordinary generosity as quickly as possible. 

We are looking for donations of any amount, sponsorship or just box office support as you spread the word about our activities. Please consider how you could help us. 

  • donations of $50 or more will be acknowledged in one newsletter and one programme 
  • donations of $1000 or more will be acknowledged in newsletters and programmes for 12 months. 
  • donations of $5000 or more will be permanently recorded in the courtyard 

All donations (other than anonymous) will be permanently recorded on our web site 

Clicking on the 'DONATE NOW' button will allow you to donate to us. If you have already bought tickets with us you can log in with your ticket account or if not, you can create a new account. Anything you could spare would be amazing!


  • 1936 - 80 years ago - a little building designed by Walter Burley Griffin, architect of our capital city Canberra, was opened in Ipswich. It was the city’s municipal incinerator. 
  • 1946 - 70 years ago - one of Queensland’s oldest amateur dramatic companies, the Ipswich Little Theatre Society, was formed. 
  • 1961 - 55 years ago - the building was abandoned as an incinerator after 35 years and condemned to demolition 
  • In 1969 the Town Hall was closed down, and desperate for a performance space, members of ILT with public support obtained a lease for the Incinerator and converted it to an intimate theatre, thereby saving the iconic building. 

theatre_at_nightOver a period of 47 years the company has changed the building from the image above to this with virtually no external funding and no borrowing power as we do not own the property. Over the years we have spent (in today’s money) approximately $3,000,000 on the complex. This has come from box office sales and our own enterprises. 

This has significantly increased the value and the usefulness of the building and preserved it for our city. 

To find out how you can contribute email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Download the Poster pin it up everywhere to help us out!


2016 Auditions

auditions2016 Auditions

All auditions and readings (unless otherwise advised) are held in the Jean Pratt Building which is part of the ILT complex at 7.30pm. Information about each play can be found below.

Season 1 -

Lipstick Dreams - Please note - This play has been cast.

Season 2 -

The Glass Menagerie - Please note - This play has been cast.

Season 3 -

The Narcissist - Please note - This play has been cast.

Season 4 -

Deckchairs - Audition date 6 June 2016.

Synopsis & Casts Required

Cupboard Love

Cast Required - 2 Females aged 30-50

Peggy and Jane come to rest after jogging on the seafront. As they chat they find to their delight that they have much in common: both are excellent cooks; both are fighting the flab acquired through preparing rich meals for a gentleman friend. When they discover to their horror, they share a passion for the same man, the two women devise their culinary revenge on the deceiver.

Last Post

Cast Required - Felicity - aged 50+ (Female) - Mary aged 30+ (Female)

When the widow of a much- respected Army Colonel discovers that his past seems to include a secret child for whom he was paying maintenance, she is naturally very distressed. However, she is determined to protect his reputation and retain her dignity. Not so easy when the mother of the child in question arrives on her doorstep.

Cruise Missile

Cast required - James/Janet - Late 20s to 60s (Male/Female) - Goldie - Late 20s to 60s (Male or Female)

When Janet embarks on her first cruise, she is pursued by an overbearing and know it all cruise ship regular named Goldie who tries to involve her in every shipboard activity. Janet just wants to curl up with a good book and desperately tries to escape from the loud and brassy Goldie. Anyone who has ever been on a cruise will have met a “Goldie”.

“A delightful trio of plays which are funny, and at times, moving stories about human loving and longing.”

Rated PG. Contains adult themes.

For more information and/or perusal scripts email the  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or phone 0400 997 365 

Season 5 -

The Final Test - Audition date 8 August 2016.

Cast Required 

4 males, 2 females

Peter – retirement age (50-70 yrs) – a demanding role, this character is on stage the entire play.

Ruth – Peter’s wife (50-70 yrs) – a moderately sized role

Ray and Susan (20 – 40 yrs) – moderately sized roles

Policeman (any age, preferably male)  -  a delightful cameo for one scene.

Removal Man (any age) – very small role at commencement of play,  could be played by the actor cast as the Policeman.


Peter and Ruth have had a long and happy marriage.  Or so Peter believes.

They each have their own interests – he loves listening to the cricket on the radio, she likes to travel.

But all is not well, as Peter discovers one afternoon when he’s dozing in his deckchair and listening to the final test from The Oval.  His wife announces that she has sold the house from under him and she’s moving to the coast with her lover.  When the new owners move in later that day they discover they have more than they bargained for:  an elderly, cricket-loving squatter who refuses to move out of their garden.

“The Final Test is a touching and poignant comedy about marriage, cricket, and the dangerous lure of a beach-side retreat.”

Rated G  Suitable for all audiences

For more information and/or perusal scripts email the Director,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or phone (07) 5464 5363

Always remember to, like our facebook page and be advised when our other 2016 audition dates are released!!

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